Fallout 4: Benevolent Leader with 2 Settlers and Minimal Effort (Now with LESS EFFORT)

Benevolent Leader with 2 Settlers and Minimal Effort

With the total reveal of how happiness is gained and managed, this achievement can now easily be completed with an established game and a settlement with only 2 settlers. By following this guide, ANY ESTABLISHED PLAYTHROUGH can complete the achievement with minimal effort and resources.

What This Guide Proves

  • The achievement description requiring a "large" settlement is WRONG;
  • Previous assumptions on the necessity of filling the size bar are WRONG (can be confirmed through the console);
  • Only specific items generate happiness (as shown with the "smiley face" in workshop mode on certain items).


Guide Assumes:

The current save has a well established supply line between multiple established settlements, such that a newly established settlement will be covered in terms of food and water.

Character Requirements:

  • Character level 20+
  • Charisma 6+
  • Local Leader perk rank 2
  • Cap Collector perk rank 2+

Materials to build:

  • 1x Machinegun Turret (assures defense requirement)
    • 8x Steel
    • 1x Circuitry
    • 2x Gear
    • 2x Oil
  • 1x Recruitment Radio Beacon (can be omitted if you relocate settlers from another settlement)
    • 2x Circuitry
    • 2x Crystal
    • 6x Copper
    • 10x Steel
    • 3x Ceramic
    • 1x Rubber
  • 1x Generator - Small (for beacon, can be omitted if beacon is omitted)
    • 2x Gear
    • 4x Steel
    • 2x Rubber
    • 2x Copper
    • 1x Ceramic
  • 2x Sleeping Bags (beds for settlers)
    • 6x Cloth
  • 1x Small Shack (cover for beds, can be omitted if achievement settlement has a location with full cover)
    • 30x Wood
    • 20x Steel
  • 1x Door (same as Small Shack, may not be necessary at all [needs testing])
    • 3x Wood
    • 3x Steel
  • 1x Food & drink restaurant [level 3 Food & Drink kiosk] (provides total happiness bonus for 2 settlers)
    • 5x Wood
    • 1500x Bottlecap
    • 3x Steel
  • Total materials for above items:
    • 1500x Bottlecap
    • 48x Steel
    • 38x Wood
    • 6x Cloth
    • 6x Copper
    • 4x Ceramic
    • 4x Crystal
    • 4x Gear
    • 3x Circuitry
    • 3x Rubber
    • 2x Oil

NOTE: This guide assumes that you have enough established settlements to cover the food/water needs for the achievement settlement through a supply line.

The Guide


Fallout 4 is well known for random crashes and MANY bugs related to settlements. Saving before you begin your work ensures that you have a fresh fallback if anything goes wrong. Back up this save as a precaution.

  1. Select your settlement.
    This guide was created using Coastal Cottage[], one of the most irritating settlements to build on, but conveniently empty once liberated. Preferably, pick an empty settlement with NO EXISTING BEDS.
  2. Collect the required materials.
    While it should not be necessary to point this out, the materials need not be in raw form lugging around fuses, light bulbs, telephones and the like is perfectly acceptable.
  3. Move to the settlement and build the listed items (omitting the generator and beacon if you will be transferring settlers from another location). Place the items, except the turret, ensuring that the beds are covered (as in, they will not get wet if it rains), but do not connect your beacon to power (if you built it at all).
    1. If you are using a settlement with existing beds GET RID OF THEM. Existing beds in settlements are notorious for being bugged, preventing them from counting as assigned even when they are in use, thus driving down happiness. If an existing bed cannot be removed, use the console (press ~), click the offending bed, then type "disable" and hit enter. Using the console DOES NOT disable achievements (but don't get any bright ideas; consoling 100 happiness WILL NOT pop the achievement).
  4. Randomize your turret until it is the highest version possible for your settlement (if you do not understand what this means, check the notes[] on the wiki for more information). Once maxed, place the turret. This is to assist in the (extremely unlikely) event that this settlement comes under attack.
  5. Recruit 2 settlers.
    1. If you built a beacon, connect it to power now and 2-3 settlers will arrive within minutes. Turn off the beacon once you have 2 or more, and transfer any over 2 to another settlement. OR
    2. If you are moving settlers from another settlement, do so now, moving exactly 2 settlers to your achievement settlement.
  6. Assign one settler to create a supply line to your existing settlement network. Leave and re-enter workshop mode to see your Food and Water stats turn green.
    1. If they do not, your settlement network does not have enough overflow food and water to support 2 settlers. Consider restarting your backup save, building up your network better, then trying again from step 0.
  7. Assign the remaining settler to the Food & drink restaurant. Leave and re-enter workshop mode to see a green arrow next to happiness.
  8. Wait.
    Not in the in-game sense of sitting and using the wait command, but in the literal sense of "this is going to take a while".
    1. Stay in workshop mode and let the game idle active (do not minimize or tab out, as either will cause the game to pause), while periodically checking by leaving and re-entering workshop mode to refresh numbers, while also checking for damage in the (extremely unlikely) chance that an attack happened while you were away and you need to repair something. This is the safest method of waiting. OR
    2. Go play the game like normal - explore, run more story/side story, work on other settlements, etc., while returning to the achievement settlement every 10-15 minutes to force a stat refresh. This is unsafe, due to bugs regarding the calculation of settlement stats while away, as well as increased chance of unnoticed settlement attacks.
  9. Once happiness is ~97-99, stay in the settlement (step 8.1) and be patient.
  10. Congratulations on your achievement!

How It Works

Settlement happiness is calculated in two ways: Base Happiness and Happiness Bonus.

Base Happiness is derived from having necessary food, water, shelter and defense, and cannot rise above 80; having enough food and water for all settlers in a settlement, enough beds that are covered for every settler, and defense equal to the combined value of the settlement's food and water will force the settlement to rise to 80 (not accounting for currently assumed variables, like theoretical "jobless unhappiness" and "prior defense failure" negatives).

Happiness Bonus is derived from a very specific list of items (each contributing different values), namely certain shops, junkyard dogs assigned to settlements (bought from the Gene random encounter or Erickson in the Far Harbor DLC), and cats or gorillas (caught with the Wasteland Workshop DLC). NOTHING ELSE CONTRIBUTES TO HAPPINESS and Happiness Bonus is the only way to bridge the gap between max Base Happiness and a target of 100.

The amount of bonus necessary to raise a settlement's happiness target to 100 is directly dependent on the number of settlers in the settlement and is expressed by 20x=y, where x is the number of settlers, and y is the amount of Happiness Bonus that must be generated to count as the remaining 20 settlement happiness. In this guide, the settlement has 2 settlers, thus 20*2=40. A single, assigned, level 3 bar generates 40 bonus (while also mitigating theoretical negatives by using a fresh settlement and having all settlers assigned), which translates into 20 points of happiness past 80 base. Junkyard dogs (Far Harbor users beware, Wolves and Hounds have different, lower values from dogs) generate 10 bonus, and can be used to supplement bonus (one level 3 Clinic for 30, and one dog for 10, for example), or even complete replace bonus (4 dogs for 40, potentially replacing the bar necessity).

Values can be tested using the console (press ~). While in the achievement settlement, interact with the workshop, bring up the console, click the workshop to target it with the console, then type "getav 0012722C" and hit enter. This will display the current Happiness Target for the settlement, as determined by current max base happiness and bonus. If the target is 100, the settlement will, over time and assuming nothing causes values to change (more settlers arrive, bonuses are removed, or requirements are no longer met, all of which will lower the target), rise to 100 and the achievement will inevitably be awarded.


Theoretically, this achievement can be unlocked with a single settler and combinations of dogs, cats, gorillas, and/or lower level shops, potentially lowering the overall character requirements. Further, the machinegun turret may not be necessary, the minimum being possibly a spotlight or trap to fill a minimal need (1 food and 1 water for 2 defense). Lastly, food and water requirements can reportedly be filled by placing purified water and tatos / razorgrain / carrots /melons /mutfruit in the workshop, with 1 food/water unit (2 "0.5" foods) per settler per game day required to rise from the current level to 100. The only absolute requirements for the achievement are settlers of any number (who technically generate the base happiness and raise the bonus requirement), support for the settlers in the form of food /water /defense/ protected bedding, and a source of happiness bonus. If you feel like experimenting, check out the Fallout Wikia Benevolent Leader page and have at it.

Feedback and Suggestions

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Comments here will still be read when possible, but may be missed. Threads in the forums in the group will never be missed.

Change Log


After some testing, it was found that LESS EFFORT can be put in to this achievement!

  • Downgraded Heavy Machinegun Turret to Machinegun Turret;
  • Removed Gun Nut perk requirement;
  • Replaced Mattresses with Sleeping Bags.


  • Renamed "Overview" section... because I have forgotten in EVERY guide that I have written that Steam automatically includes an Overview chapter.

By Azure Fang

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08 May 2017